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Curtis Mathes stands for innovation inspired by real life. Since 1957, Curtis Mathes has developed technology that touches life at every moment, day and night. We strive to enhance life for you and those around you. For many years, the Curtis Mathes brand has been synonymous with superior design, innovation, technology and quality.

Today, we continue to make innovative products that provide quality and value. By combining innovation with advanced LED technology, we create lighting products that are advanced on the inside; simple smart and stylish on the outside.

Excellence in quality, customer care, and the environment are our commitments to you.

About Us


The 118-Year History of Curtis Mathes Products

George Curtis Mathes established an early distributorship for Philco radio products in Amarillo: the Mathes Company. Prior to World War II, the company was moved to Fort Worth. Following the war the company became Mathes Coolers and began manufacturing fans, evaporative coolers, and room air conditioners. This was the first popular line of these products to be offered in Texas, and later in the western United States.

He also manufactured furniture by contract and high-quality cabinetry for his own products. In 1957 he established the Curtis Mathes Corporation, the only family-owned company of its kind, manufacturing high fidelity entertainment systems, black-and-white televisions and color televisions. The products were manufactured in Athens, Texas and several other locations, and were distributed throughout the United States.